SaaS Protection for Office 365 & g suite

Please review the setup terms & conditions before confirming your details in the form below


Backup Schedule

Deployment phases, Estimated Time To Complete

Automated Backup Scheduling

Once a plan has been selected for either Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, Layer 3 IT will schedule a suitable time to set up & configure your new SaaS backup service.

Deployment can take anywhere between 1 – 3 hours, however, the initial ‘sync’ or first cloud backup copy can take up to 24 hours to complete, depending on the total size of your e-mails & files.

Setup scheduling will be confirmed by a Layer 3 IT staff member and confirmed with you the client once payment for the first month has been received.

Note: Setup of Layer 3’s SaaS Protection does not require any downtime for the client, nor will performance be impacted during deployment.

By default the backup schedule for your data is set to run 3x a day. These backups capture point-in-time snapshots of each users email and files stored in either SharePoint or Google Drive containers.

We will retain Backed up Data in your account as long as you maintain an active Subscription for which payments are current. After an initial full backup, all subsequent backups are incremental and capture only changes made since the previous backup.

Fee's & Contract Terms

Requesting a file or email restoration

Understanding fee's & our service periods

How to request a restoration

Layer 3 IT offers a minimum 12-month product & support package for our SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. Layer 3 IT manage all aspects of your cloud backups, including file & email restorations, and disaster recovery as a result of cyberattacks.

Early termination of the contract requires payment in full for the remaining months left on your term.

Pricing is set per seat, or email account (IE: 5x email accounts = 5x seats required) including 1x company-wide data store. Please note: individual personal storage is different to company-wide storage.

Note: When a new Microsoft 365 or G Suite email account is added to a client account, Layer 3’s SaaS Protection will automatically adopt and protect the new mailbox, resulting in an additional seat being added to the billing cycle. If the client does not wish to have a new account protected by Layer 3’s SaaS Protection, they will need to specify prior to adding the new 365 or G Suite account.

All restoration requests should be raised via email directly to While we’re happy to process requests over the phone, a request via email will often result in a faster turnaround time.

When requesting a restoration, it’s important to include the following details:

  1. Account name (or email address)
  2. The time and date of when you need the data recovered from.
  3. If file related, please include the file name and last known directory (IE: myfile.pdf saved in the General folder)
  4. A brief description of what happened (IE: Someone deleted the file, or accidentally deleted an important email)
  5. Urgency: How urgently do you need this item restored?


Restorations will be completed same business day if the request is raised before 11:00am, Monday to Friday.

Secure Office 365 data protection. Layer 3’s SaaS Protection delivers fast recovery of Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint Online,
Calendar, Contacts and Microsoft Teams data.

Google Vault alone does not ensure your G Suite data
is recoverable. Quickly restore lost data
from Gmail, Calendars & Contacts, Drive and Shared Drives with Layer 3’s SaaS Protection.