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Settling In Period

E-mail & Website Downtime during DNS modification phase

Understanding why some Emails and content might get blocked by Trend, and how we manage your whitelist

There will be a minimum downtime period for all domain related services during the setup of your Trend Email Security. The outage can last anywhere between 1 and 7 hours, and in some rare cases with less reputable domain hosts, up to 48 hours. Most good domain hosts have faster propagation times, resulting in a faster turnaround.

Layer 3 staff can generally indicate the timeframe once the host’s details have been provided.

During the initial ‘learning’ period for Trend Email Security, there’s a good chance that some legitimate content will be unintentionally blocked and require manual whitelisting. While there’s a multitude of reasons for why a particular Email or Domain might be flagged as unsafe or suspicious, Layer 3 suggest contacting our support team if you suspect you are not receiving emails.

Please contact us on and include the full email address with a rough timeframe of when that email was meant to be received if you suspect this is happening to you.

Fee's & Contract Terms

Quarantine Alerts

Understanding the product service period

Receiving Quarantine Alerts

Layer 3 IT offers a minimum 12-month product & support package for Trend Email Security (Standard & Advanced). Seats or licenses are billed per Email account, for example you have a total of 10 Email accounts – you will require 10 Trend Email Security licenses for company-wide protection. Pricing particulars will be clarified via quote from Layer 3 IT.

Adding or subtracting Licenses can be arranged via email request to

Trend Email Security may send users quarantine alerts via e-mail, indicating that the content, sender, or domain of the source could potentially be unsafe. On opening these messages, you’ll have the option to review the contents and sender, before allowing you to choose to allow the e-mail to be delivered to your inbox.

While these restoration actions can be processed by the user, Layer 3 IT recommends contacting our support team if you are unsure.